[Yum] Cron Problems ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Fri Apr 2 15:53:09 UTC 2004

Greetings ...

    Yet another one of my many stupid question ... Again, here in South 
Africa ( still tring to setup a proxy for my internal servers ), yum 
runs in the daily cron, if I remember correctly ... The problem I am 
seeing on busy days, is that yum might fail somewhere and just sit in 
memory ... leaving no other yum processor to run ... I normally only 
find this out if I am the sys admin or when I tring and run yum myself 
... Is there some really clever and neat way to get yum to stop during 
office hours, and then again start after hours? I believe this will 
really only work to when urlgrabber which yum uses and recover failed 
downloads ... Can anybody shead some light on my problem, or should I 
just wait until yum 3.0.0 which will even know what I want to install 
before I do?


P.S. Just showed a friend yum, and now he thinks Linux is it ... it's 
kewl that I was able to download quite a few games to proof my point ... 
Double Thanks.

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