[Yum] Other formats for HOWTO, documentation in general

Rick Thomas rbthomas55 at pobox.com
Wed Nov 26 18:31:48 UTC 2003


Thank you very much for doing this!  For people like me, who have
trouble reading long documents off of computer screens, having a
printable version is a tremendous boon.  (:

One little (I hope!) problem...  When I try to read the PDF version of
the HOWTO with the MacOS-Xv10.3 (Panther) "Preview" app, the section
headings appear all messed up (both on the screen and in the printed version).

I took it to our Mac guru and his diagnosis is that bitmap fonts seem to
confuse the Preview app.  He has reported it to Apple as a bug.  We'll
see whether Apple pays any attention.

In the mean time, he suggested that you use scalable fonts (type 1). 
Since you seem to be using Tex to format the document, it may be
worthwhile to know that, according to Hanz, the current miktex has built
in support for the right kind of fonts.  <http://www.miktex.org/>

Also in the mean time, I tried reading (and printing) the pdf with
Adobe's free acrobat reader, and all was well (though the bitmap fonts
looked pixelated at high magnification -- which was to be expected.)  So
I *can* get a readable version of the document.  Thanks for that!  (<-8)

You may decide that this is all too much like real work, and I won't
blame you.  But I thought you might find it interesting.

Thanks again, for tackling this project!


"Robert G. Brown" wrote:
> I'm getting a few requests for additional formats for the HOWTO -- SO I
> fixed up the Makefile and it now automagically installs at least the
> following:
>   html,(US Letter,A4)x(PS,PDF),Text (badly), tarball of sgml sources
> All of these formats are accessible from
>   http://www.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/General/yum_HOWTO.php
> Note that I >>still<< haven't had time to finish this off, although I'm
> very close now -- my current pass is going to shorten it a lot and
> finish off the section on actual yum commands.  Perhaps over TG break.
> In the meantime, hopefully between the HOWTO (almost finished), the
> article:
>   http://www.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/General/yum_article.php
> (finished, I suppose) and the man pages (which are the one authoritative
> and up to date reference anyway:-) and this list, nobody feels totally
> deprived of yum documentation as they start out using it.
> The one thing yum is still missing (even in draft form) is a FAQ.
> Anybody want to tackle this?  I'll do it, but probably not before next
> year.
> BTW, the FAQ should probably swallow Seth's short "Questions" section on
> the yum site for starters, and then go on to things like
>   Q: What does it mean if yum complains that my rpmdb is corrupt?
>   A: That your rpmdb is corrupt.  Yum will refuse to work with a corrupt
> rpmdb as it is not safe to do so.  Maybe it's your fault it is corrupt
> you wicked "rpm --force --nodeps" user you.  More likely your system
> glitched while ths db was being actively written and it was left in a
> corrupt state.  All you can do is try rpm --rebuilddb and pray.  If
> prayer doesn't work, try threats.  If threats don't work, try
> reinstalling...
> See?  It can be fun and easy to write documentation!
>    rgb
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