[Yum] Re: After successfully running, yum no longer works.

Paul Dickson dickson at permanentmail.com
Sun Nov 23 23:29:41 UTC 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 08:48:04 +1030, Geoffrey D. Bennett wrote:

> Strange as it seems, I can reproduce that error ("'module' object has
> no attribute 'error'" and the rest of it) when any of the following
> isn't installed:
>   e2fsprogs-1.34-1.i386.rpm
>   openssl-0.9.7a-23.i686.rpm
>   krb5-libs-1.3.1-6.i386.rpm
> Presuming you have the python from FC1, I'm guessing that installing
> all of the above will get yum going again.
> The actual library that isn't found occurs earlier in the strace; I
> was looking for SOCKS libraries too :-).

Thanks!  I upgraded e2fsprogs and krb5-libs and now it works!

My last run of yum has an upgrade openssl.  So, maybe an unlogged erasure?


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