[Yum] Header differences, debian followup

Jim Perrin perrin at ohio.edu
Sun Nov 23 20:54:42 UTC 2003

In the next chapter of my saga, I've managed to get rpm-python and rpm to 
successfully function on a debian system. The only problem is that it's rpm 
4.0.4 which limits me to yum 1.0.3. Since this box is only going to be 
generating headers for yum clients to get, I have to ask what the 
differences in the headers from yum 1.0.3 to yum2x. Are there any truly 
remarkable differences that would require sacrificing another goat to get 
newer versions of rpm to build? Are there any irregularities that my occur 
if a 2.x client connects and gets 1.x headers?

Jim Perrin

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