[Yum] Bug in nevral.getHeader()

David Farning dfarning at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 22 12:20:05 UTC 2003

I believe that I have located a bug in nevral.getHeader().

line 77     if l == 'in_rpm_db':

should be checking if header is in rpmDB and therefore not download.

Yet working backwards in clientStuff.HeaderInfoNevralLoad() l is always
assigned rpmpath.  This results in nevral.getHeader() always searching
the localHdrPath.

<snip config stuff>

    serverList = conf.servers
    HeaderInfo = nevral.nevral()
    clientStuff.get_package_info_from_servers(serverList, HeaderInfo)

    for name, arch  in HeaderInfo.rpmbynamearch:
	((e,v,r,a,l,i),state) = HeaderInfo.rpmbynamearch[name, arch]
	print 'name, arch ' + name + ','  + arch
	print HeaderInfo.getHeader(name, arch)

The above code will fail if some headers have not been downloaded
because the pkg is installed and up to date. 

Dave Farning

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