[Yum] URGENT: Can someone pls help?

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Fri Nov 21 23:59:28 UTC 2003

Brad Cox wrote:

> I'm upgrading from RH8.0 to Fedora via the CD "update" (not clean 
> install) option. Seems the second CD is marginal (cheap distro) because 
> several files weren't found until I retried them. Eventually failed 
> altogether toward the end of the 2nd CD. I removed the CD and rebooted 
> and it came up in Fedora just fine, missing only httpd.
> However it apparently didn't update yum.conf since /etc/yum.conf still 
> points to RH8.0 repos. I'm inclined to avoid the flakey CD altogether 
> and complete the upgrade with yum upgrade. Am I right that this is the 
> right thing to do? If so I'll need to manually change yum.conf before 
> trying this, right? Where can I get a fedora yum.conf? PS: There's an 
> /etc/yum.conf.rpmnew but that's for 8.0 too.

get the rpm from fedora.redhat.com, then run

rpm2cpio yum-2.0.4-2.noarch.rpm | cpio -i -d ./etc/yum.conf
Or just rpm -Uvh it.

Before you do that however, make sure that you have rpm 4.2 installed.

There's a -c option for yum that will let you use a yum.conf file in a 
different location.

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