[Yum] Maintaining yum repositories

nathan r. hruby nhruby at uga.edu
Fri Nov 21 16:51:05 UTC 2003

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Nielsen, Steve wrote:

> I want to keep my RedHat RPM repository up to date with the latest
> updates for new kickstart installs as well as yum'fying the same RPM
> area so my current installed machines can be kept up to date. The big
> problem is merging the new RPMs into the repository and deleting the old
> versions.
> Just curious what types of tools other people use to do this.
> What I have found so far is autoupdate . There is not much else out there.

What you want is (for a knowledge jumpstart):

Basically you're going to want to mirror the Red Hat repos (using ftp or 
rsync) and then do some post processing on the repos to merge in the 
updates.  I can;t seem to find anything in the HOWTO to update the 
comps.xml file, but that information should be located in the yum mail 
list archives.. As I think Seth has discussed how he does the Duke repos 

-n.. having a really bad typing day.

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