[Yum] Odd question

Owyn owyn.tux at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 20 16:51:54 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 20:11, Jim Perrin wrote:
> Forgive the heresy of the question, but I am curious to know if anyone here 
> has yum (specifically yum-arch) working on debian. I currently maintain a 
> webserver at Ohio University that's been running quite nicely on debian 
> stable. I've been tasked to bring up a mirror on site for rh/fedora core 
> but given some internal budgeting reasons, it's simpler for me to add a 
> CNAME and have two sites on my debian box than ask for another 
> machine/static ip etc. Anyone out there have this set up? I just need to 
> generate the headers, and through some files around, but on debian.

Others can comment better (I am still a yum novice) but I think you can
break the problem into two parts.

1)Building and maintaining the yum repository, and
2)Providing the repository to your network

Could you not build (yum-arch) the repository from a RH/FC station and
target a NFS share on the Debian Server.

After that the standard Debian services (ftp/http/nfs) could be used to
provide the repository to your network.

This should not require any updates to your Woody.

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