[Yum] Future feature request...

Dave Shield D.T.Shield at csc.liv.ac.uk
Thu Nov 13 10:53:51 UTC 2003

>                         this, like a lot of other things need to be
> added outside of yum, not in the core program. Otherwise the yum command
> ends up being yum [command] packages
> where command is one of 80 different options.

Well - if there are 80 separate yum-tasks, then you're going to end
up with either:
		yum [command] packages
or 80 different
		yum-command   packages

(or something in between).
There are arguments on both sides - lots of little commands clutters up
the filesystem,  a single wrapper with lots of little sub-commands clutters
up the command.  Both of them clutter up the user's memory!
It's not particularly important - either would work quite reasonably.
   (Contrast RCS vs CVS command syntax)

One advantage of the single wrapper form is that it makes it easier to
get a list of what the various commands are:

		yum help

(or even "yum wrongcommand") - as well as making it easier to keep
this maintained accurately.
   With separate yum-commands, then you'd have to remember whether
to use "yum-help" or "yumhelp" or "yum-list-commands" or what.
(Or break the habit of a lifetime and read the documentation!)

> I think the goals I need to work toward are a yum library....

Whatever the user interface, this definitely seems the right approach.
Whether it's a single wrapper command, or lots of smaller ones,
the bulk of the work should ideally be done in the library.
The command(s) just plug the appropriate bits together - and should
end up relatively small and simple.

That's my take on it, anyway.


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