[Yum] Future feature request...

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Nov 11 21:08:46 UTC 2003

> In that case, if the description can be directly generated by yum (and
> yes, I just bought a book on python and learned the basic elements of
> the language yesterday so I can write the agent directly in with the yum
> package instead of in perl and separately.  Sigh.) then it can become
> part of the following command sequence:
>  yum configuration > /etc/packagelist
> (generates the package list)
>  yum configurate /etc/packagelist
> (or even just)
>  yum configurate
> The configurate command could act like cruise control on a car --
> >>ADD<< any packages missing from packagelist and update the rest as
> usual and >>REMOVE<< any packages that are intalled that aren't in the
> list (or associated dependencies).  This could be used to strictly
> regulate "drift" from a kickstart image in a network environment; in
> fact, if run against packagelist in a directory exported from a
> configuration server or kept on a repository and indexed by e.g.
> hostname, it could be used to trivially lock an entire network of
> systems into a single package image.  Want to add a package to all
> hosts?  Add it to their packagelist (symlinked to hostname on a toplevel
> yum repository or NFS exported to the host) and wait overnight.

I think the idea is fine but this, like a lot of other things need to be
added outside of yum, not in the core program. Otherwise the yum command
ends up being yum [command] packages

where command is one of 80 different options.

I don't think that is good design and can you imagine that if statement?

I think the goals I need to work toward are a yum library that does the
following and ONLY the following:

 - builds and parses the metadata classes into the repo lists
 - resolves dependencies
 - handy rpm-ish functions
 - builds pkg info for installed pkgs
 - exception class 

 - separately a system for parsing the yum config file.

so then people writing other apps that could:
 - slurp in the config file
 - get the pkg lists
 - output something or resolve deps on something.

I think this would cover a lot of the meta-yum ideas that people are
coming up with. I want this done for my own sanity too.

It's just a matter of finding the time in my copious spare amounts.



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