[Yum] RE: package gnome-vfs2 needs gnome-mime-data >= 2.0.0-11

Michael Stenner mstenner at phy.duke.edu
Wed Nov 5 13:16:07 UTC 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 08:04:31AM -0500, seth vidal wrote:
> > Maybe yum should allow a transition from noarch to a defined arch
> > even when exactarch is set?!
> Seems a bit contrary to the term 'exact' doesn't it?

Indeed, but I see his point.  Most 'compatible' arch differences (i386
vs i686, for example) occur because a package was _built_
differently.  If it appears as both i386 and noarch, then there's
probably a substantive change in the code.

Am I correct in my understanding that exactarch exists so you can say
"yes, I see that a new version is available for i386, but I'd rather
wait for the i386 version"?  If so, noarch is special because if a
package suddenly becomes noarch, there will probably _never_be_ a new
i386 version (or vice versa).

I'm not suggesting that you change the behavior of noarch.  I'm just
saying that it may not provide the desired behavior in all situations;
pecifically, when packages change arch.


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