[Yum] yum admin question

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Nov 1 03:33:26 UTC 2003

> I was able to mitigate the problem somewhat by using "exclude=WindowMaker*" 
> line in yum.conf, but I would prefer not to edit all of our client yum.conf 
> files.  
> Was hoping for a single-point admin solution. Perhaps I could 
> remove WindowMaker from the upgrade list by removing the rpms from our local 
> repositories and then modifying our clients' yum.conf to only use our local 
> servers and not the remote sites that we added for failover redundancy 
> (insert hack here:). 
> If this is an odd/rare instance, all of this is a non-issue. I am a bit 
> skeptical though, since I saw our redcarpet (RH8/9) upgrades fail several times 
> due to similar dependancy/conflict errors which required manual intervention 
> to resolve.

I'm a bit confused here. It looks like you've got a real dependency
problem on these packages. It could just be a broken dep, therefore a
legit problem. 

If I were you and I was maintaining a larger number of local servers,
I'd mirror the packages/repositories I want to a local server and point
my systems there (decreases external bandwidth cost and speeds up
updates). Also it lets you check for dependency closure across the
possibly installed set of packages. (yum-arch -d)

hope this helps, sorry about the slow reply.

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