[Yum] script run idea

Cooper Bethea cooper.bethea at duke.edu
Thu May 29 20:06:34 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 15:52, seth vidal wrote:
> advantages to xml for the config files - it can easily be handled by a
> program to add/subtract entries, etc.

> disadvantage - you need to write a program to manipulate them b/c, while
> they CAN be handled by humans it is typically a pain in the ass to do
> so.
you know, i'm not sure this is the case. most xml files are a little
more wordy than, say, the current yum config file, but i find them more
idiot-proof wrt sections, since my editor will indent xml such that i
can see easily where in the hierarchy any given element is.

> I tend to use xml as a data-interchange format less than a
> user-interactive format.

you mean vice-versa, right?

> What would be the motive?
> So you could have an interface to design them? We're not talking about a
> terribly complex language.

because writing parsers is a pita no matter what? xml means i never have
to deal with slurping strings and figuring out ya config file format - i
can just throw it into an xml parser and xpath my way to the elements i
need. xml parsers are available in pretty much every widely-used
language; i personally wouldn't use anything else for a config file
unless it was a special case.

> having said that - things tend to grow - might be better to plan ahead.
> then again - would it really help much?
> I'm not sure where I come down on this.
> other comments from the peanut-gallery? :)
> -sv
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