[Yum] script run idea

Erik Williamson erik at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Thu May 29 13:51:20 UTC 2003

*Erik is working on a coffee, is now classified as 'sentient'*

> installgroup Groupname
> installgroup AnotherGroupname -c http://path/to/yum.conf
> updategroup Groupname
> remove pkgname
> install pkgname
> update pkgname -c http://path/to/yum.conf
> # comment
> ; comment

I like your idea here; reason being that with my local system, each host
here uses yum twice - one config for the redhat release and it's updates
(using "yum -c http://blarg update"), and one for 'extras', like select
freshrpm packages, and whatever else people ask for once I do the
rollout (using " yum -c http://foo install \* ").  Looks like this could
take care of that.

I agree with Troy about the syntax; the command-line syntax is great.


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