[Yum] xinetd-problem

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri May 23 11:44:26 UTC 2003

> I've noticed this too, just last night in fact.  yum seems to have some 
> issues with pkgpolicy=last not always doing what is expected.  For 
> example, if I have three repositories containing a Squid package, in 
> this order: Red Hat, My package, My package plus NTLM auth support.  And 
> then I run yum update on a system that already has the Red Hat Squid 
> package (which uses an epoch, if that makes a difference here), it will 
> not update or even download the other Squid headers.

pkpolicy=last doesn't mean always override.

if two repos have the same package the way yum determines which one it
will present as available is (by default) the highest version of a
package (meaning e:v-r comparison) will be the one yum pays attention to
for updates/installs.

if pkgpolicy=last then that means the "last" package yum sees of a
certain name-arch will be the one it pays attention to for

> Yet another issue (I guess it's a bug, but it seems almost intentional, 
> since a sort of the serverids is required to make it work this way) with 
> pkgpolicy=last is that 'last' is determined by serverid alphabetical 
> ordering rather than order in the configuration file.  It took me this 
> long to notice it, because by happy accident, my serverids have always 
> already been in alphabetical order in yum.conf!

This is the documented in the yum.conf man page

look for pkgpolicy in there.


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