[Yum] yum-tool

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu May 22 04:24:14 UTC 2003

Hi all,
  Talking with owen stampflee on irc about things to break with regard
to yum. He was clearly looking for something fun to break.

Owen wants a yum search "foo" command - farkas levente also requested
such a thing. It would search description/summary/other fields for a
regex/glob/etc and return the pkgs having that.

Russ Herrold suggested that maybe the yum command was getting a bit
overloaded with options and maybe it'd be worthwhile to have something
else to do misc non-pkg-installing/updating/erase related work.

so the name yum-tool came out from somewhere, probably from me, b/c I'm

so what things would make sense to go in a yum-tool?

I can think of these things:
yum-tool depends  pkgname/file/something (to do what rgb suggested this
yum-tool provides (move the provides functionality over there)
yum-tool search
yum-tool importkey /path/to/gpgkey
yum-tool checkheaders
yum-tool checkrpmdb

anyway - you get the idea - another command, separate from yum that
handles misc things that would just kludge up the main cli.

maybe a better name than yum-tool

or maybe a couple of command names, yum-find, yum-maint or something

but this is a neat idea and it would mean lots of areas where people
could get started working on yum if they wanted to w/o ever having to
look at the rpm-side of things.

of course, I couldn't promise all ideas would get into the code, but its
a good place to start hacking in python some and just for playing around
w/o having to worry as much about breaking the world for someone.


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