[Yum] HTTP basic auth patch (was Re: Basic auth fails in 1.97, works in previous versions)

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu May 22 03:10:58 UTC 2003

> 1) allow options only - build up the url where needed (ftp, etc)

it's nice, it's tidy, it's easy to document - it isn't as flexible.

> 2) allow url-embedding only - for the new http stuff, that would
>    require pulling them out of the url and dealing with them
>    correctly.

that's less tidy, not hard to document and consistent for both http and
ftp connections

> 3) allow both - url-embedded info overriding option info.  This way,
>    if you have all the same auth info, just use the options.  If
>    they're different, then encode them in the urls.  This is the best
>    of both world for users, and worst of both worlds for the coders.

well sorta
it's not that great for new/confused users b/c it is giving you two ways
to get to the same goal and makes for confusing documentation.

I'd be inclined to pick one way and go with it just for sanity, but I do
see your point.


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