[Yum] near death upgrade

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat May 17 03:24:15 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-05-16 at 15:25, Brian Lalor wrote:
> Hey all.  I just upgraded my laptop from RH7.3 to RH9 the old fashioned
> way (via CD).  After upgrading, I installed yum and did an upgrade.  I
> soon found myself up the proverbial effluent stream without a method of
> propulsion, or nearly so, anyway.  /var filled up as yum downloaded
> packages and I got lots of errors about being unable to write to
> /var/lib/rpm/Packages.  When the update finally finished, glibc wasn't in
> the RPM database and some files were missing, which caused things like rpm
> to be unable to run due to bad dependencies.  I've also got bits and
> pieces of the newest kernel hanging around, but it also is not in the
> database.  I finally got back up and running by copying over the contents 
> of the glibc package.  I'm now verifying all packages and fixing broken 
> dependencies.

ok I reread this again.

let's take a step back:

you upgraded to 9 via cd
then you used yum (what version?)
pointed at which repos (post your yum.conf if you could)

to do a yum update.

at this point all you should have been getting was the security-release

how full was your drive?


all of the updates, if you needed every single one are 300M total.

Did you have _that_ little space in /var?


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