[Yum] new daily for 1.x and 2.x

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu May 8 05:26:48 UTC 2003

Here you go folks some new daily builds for y'all to break and tell me
why I suck :)

1.x: http://linux.duke.edu/yum/download/1.0/daily/
 tarball - yum-20030508.tar.gz
 noarch rpm for red hat linux 7.X: yum-1.0-20030508.noarch.rpm
 src rpm for red hat linux 7.x: yum-1.0-20030508.src.rpm
 src rpm for red hat linux 8.0: yum-1.0-20030508_8.0.src.rpm
2.x: http://linux.duke.edu/yum/download/2.0/daily/
 tarball - yum-20030508.tar.gz 
 noarch rpm for red hat linux 9: yum-1.97-20030508.noarch.rpm
 src rpm for red hat linux 9: yum-1.97-20030508.src.rpm

 - dep resolution bugs fixed in both
 - anti-infinite loop checking in depcheck
 - added a simple little (yes I'm still alive) output when its
depchecking so you don't just sit there aimlessly waiting for yum to
finish the depcheck.
 - yum-arch will do the right thing now if it encounters a file that is
named .rpm but is not actually an rpm.

 - yum-arch in the 2.x branch makes a .newheaders dir then moves the
.newheaders in place of the headers dir. Makes for a faster move and a
small race condition with connecting users. - also gives us a place to
fall back to in the event you encounter a fatal error in the yum-arch

 I'm sure there were other misc changes - docs updated some, etc.

If y'all could take a look, see what breaks, etc, then send me
bugreports via bugzilla or hatemail on the list that'd be cool :)


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