[Yum] deploying and maintaining linux networks howto

Zouhir Hafidi Zouhir.Hafidi at agat.univ-lille1.fr
Mon May 5 09:05:54 UTC 2003

>> Sorry, I correct,
>> # yum-arch <rpms_dir> 
>> # ls <rpms_dir>/..
>> header.info  headers/ <rpms_dir>
>> which means that by default header.info and headers/ will be
>> at the same level as <rpms_dir> and don't put header.info within headers/
>> (that's what the yum command expect)
>> # yum-arch <rpms_dir> <dir_where_to_put_headers_and_header.info>
>> # ls <dir_where_to_put_headers_and_header.info>
>> header.info  headers/ ...
>> header.info and headers/ will be under the directory specified
>> on the command line
>but again I don't understand what advantage you get from that.
>the reason yum puts headers and header.info under the sub dir is so you
>can more than one dir yum-enabled in any hiearchy w/o too much trouble

Sorry, I am replying too late !

if <rpms_dir> corresponds to the "packages" dir in the yum
repository then after doing a yum-arch <rpms_dir> you have to do 
some moves in order for yum to find the headers where it expects it.
Is it right?
# mv <rpms_dir>/headers/header.info <rpms_dir>/..
# mv <rpms_dir>/headers <rpms_dir>/..

Just some other questions:

1) in yum-1.97-1.noarch.rpm I found that yum is
not enabled after the rpm is installed. The following command
shows that some lines are commented. Is there any reason for
doing that or is it a miss ?

# rpm -qp --scripts yum-1.97-1.noarch.rpm
postinstall scriptlet (through /bin/sh):
#/sbin/chkconfig --add yum
#/sbin/chkconfig yum on
#/sbin/service yum condrestart >> /dev/null
#exit 0
preuninstall scriptlet (through /bin/sh):
if [ $1 = 0 ]; then
 /sbin/chkconfig --del yum
 /sbin/service yum stop >> /dev/null
exit 0

2) How to use yum to remove an old installed kernel ? I used
yum remove kernel-xxxxxxx but this doesn't work

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