[Yum] possible additions

Erik Williamson erik at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Thu Mar 27 14:13:52 UTC 2003

I would love the download progress callbacks - Will report on UI work

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 06:57, Michael Stenner wrote:
> This is not a feature request.  This is a feature OFFER.  That's
> right, I'm offering to contribute features.  However, I don't want to
> dump time into things that no one will use.  Some of you may remember
> me from my file:/// and keepalive fame.  Being familiar with (and
> interested in) that kind of stuff, that's where I'm interested in
> playing.
> Here is a list of things I've thought about adding.  I would like to
> hear how much people would like them.  Feel free to reply off-list
> with simple "I would use 1 and 3" replies, but please keep discussion
> on-list.
> 1) backport of file:/// support to 1.x
> 2) rsync: support (2.x)
> 3) bandwidth throttling of downloads (all versions)
> 4) support for download progress callbacks (all versions). *
> *  Note: I do not intend to write any such callbacks, but only provide
>    an api and a place to pass them in.  This is mostly for people who
>    may some day write a gui, although I would write the code in a
>    ui-agnostic way.
> 					-Michael
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 system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary

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