[Yum] Re: yum for rpm 4.2 on RH80 (was: yum: errors and `unsolicited' updates.)

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Mar 21 18:43:41 UTC 2003

> But I now stumbled on a new obstacle. If I use yum-arch I get the following:
>   File "/usr/bin/yum-arch", line 23, in ?
>     pullheaders.main()
>   File "pullheaders.py", line 130, in main
>   File "pullheaders.py", line 202, in genhdrs
>   File "rpmUtils.py", line 58, in compareEVR
> TypeError: argument 1, item 0 must be string or None, not int
> O.K., so I decided to jump on (rawhide's) python 2.2.2. and tried
> yum-phoebe-1.8-20030307.1.noarch.rpm, but it doesn't like me ... :(

Was there anything else before this error - or did it happen IMMEDIATELY
when you ran yum-arch dirname?

I'm curious b/c I'd love to know what pkg is returning this.

seems odd to me.


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