[Yum] sendmail updates

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Mar 4 00:09:54 UTC 2003

> Do most people use Internet yum-repositories or roll their own?

Duke uses both :)
people who run linux at home and want to use yum use the

people on duke's network use our internal servers which are faster and
have more/different pkgs (we do some other stuff internally)

> I've been wget-ing the redhat 8 binary updates on my home server and 
> updating all my machines with yum from there.  There seems to be a trade 
> off between using bandwidth/storage to create your own repository vs. 
> possibly slower updates by using an Internet based one run by someone else.

True enough. Mirror.dulug syncs multiples times a day for the updates
rsync tree from red hat. We have a fairly good connection to them as
well. But our machine is slow and in need of some love :)

> Also, you have the issue of trust to deal with when you use a repository 
> that someone else maintains.

well, sorta. I'm just mirroring red hat directly.  Use the gpgcheck and
grab red hat's key - if it doesn't match, well then you have an answer


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