[Yum] yum's awesome, ideas

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Jul 31 13:51:46 UTC 2003

> If the original machine has an rsync server running, you should be
> able to connect to that.  If you're doing it via login access, you can
> do something like this:
> rsync -avz -e /usr/bin/ssh host.foo.com:/etc ./foo-etc

If the other machine has an rsync server running then you don't need the
-e /usr/bin/ssh

to rsync 7.3 and updates from the public rsync server on
mirror.dulug.duke.edu into the current directory.

you would run:

rsync -av mirror.dulug.duke.edu::archive/pub/yum-repository/7.3 .
rsync -av mirror.dulug.duke.edu::archive/pub/yum-repository/updates/7.3 .


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