[Yum] RPM directory of hard links

Murali Potla murali.potla at softprosys.com
Tue Jul 29 09:09:07 UTC 2003


I have put up a repository for apt and yum on my lan. 
I have made hard links for the all the rpm files under the RPMS
When i am generating headers for these RPMS (which are hard linked to
the original files) I am getting a bunch of warning messages like 
dupe pkg: os/noarch/squirrelmail-1.2.11-1.noarch.rpm

My directory structure is like this 
updates ---> RPMS (hard links to the files under os/i*86)
	     os ---> i386        (real RPMS exist here)

even -l will not remove these messages 
I am using Red Hat 8.0, rpm 4.1.1, yum-2.0-2 on the repository server.
What shall i do now ?

Thanks & Regards
Murali Potla

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