[Yum] Is there a stop by step guide for yum?

Chris Geddings chris at geddings.org
Mon Jul 28 12:26:39 UTC 2003

I don't think that exists, but the gist of it is you download the RPM 
and then install it...

So, start with:

Grab the appropriate RPM.

Install it.

You are installed.

Take a look at /etc/cron.daily/yum.cron and /etc/yum.conf.  You don't
have to, but it might be useful, just so's you have an idea what is
going on.


On Mon, 2003-07-28 at 08:15, Angel Gabriel wrote:
> I've looked for a step by step walk thru to install YUM, but not found
> any, can someone help?

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