[Yum] Feature Request: ignore nonupgradable packages on update option

Mark Schreiber mark7 at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jul 9 04:57:12 UTC 2003

I'd like to yet again say thank you to the developers for yum.  This
is a really truly great program that I've come to rely on heavily.

There is one feature that I at least would get a good deal of mileage
out of.  If you're using repositories that have some conflicting
package and try to update, there is no way to have yum make dependency
loops be non-fatal errors.  For example, right now, if I run yum
update, I get the following, due to ATrpms not repackaging tetex-latex
and tetex-afm:

Downloading needed headers
Resolving dependencies
.....identical dependency loop exceeded
package tetex-latex needs tetex = 1.0.7 (not provided)
package tetex-afm needs tetex = 1.0.7 (not provided)

And yum stops and refuses to update any packages until the user
resolves this issue.

If yum could simply say to itself "Hey, I cannot update this package
because of a dependency loop -- I'll simply not update that package,
and update everything else that I can", it'd be great.  Currently,
it's possible to manually work around this by adding and removing
packages to the exclude list, but this isn't a very good long-term
solution.  I'm not sure how difficult this would be, since I haven't
looked at the dependency calculation code -- it might be very

I thought that -t might do this, but alas, it does not.

Best of luck,
Mark Schreiber
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