[Yum] setting up repos for RHAS

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jul 1 20:24:09 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 16:11, Brian Lalor wrote:
> Good afternoon, all.  I'm trying to set up a local repository for use with a 
> small cluster of Red Hat Advanced Server machines.  Since the binary RPMs are 
> only available via up2date/the RHN, I've used my single RHN on one of the 
> machines and configured up2date to only download the packages and not install 
> them.  I'm then sucking the downloaded updates into my yum repository and 
> running yum-arch in the directory containing the updates.  I've got separate 
> base and updates repositories; the base comes from the CDs.
> The problem I've got is that I'm not seeing some of the packages that are in 
> the repository via "yum list".  In particular, the updated kernel-enterprise 
> packages aren't visible (kernel-enterprise is for machines with greater than 
> 4G of RAM).  After running yum-arch for both repositories, I see the following 
> files:
> 	./base/kernel-enterprise-2.4.9-e.3.i686.rpm
> 	./base/headers/kernel-enterprise-0-2.4.9-e.3.i686.hdr
> 	./updates/headers/kernel-enterprise-0-2.4.9-e.25.i686.hdr
> 	./updates/kernel-enterprise-2.4.9-e.25.i686.rpm
> I don't know where that -0- comes from between the name and the version for 
> the header filenames...

it's epoch

> "yum list kernel*"  doesn't show the kernel-enterprise.  Any ideas?

shell * expansion

try yum list kernel\*


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