[Yum] Cleaning up repositories

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Feb 28 17:33:23 UTC 2003

> The problem:
> If you have a repository, and you remove all the rpm's out of it, then do a 
> yum-arch on the repository, it doesn't do anything, so you are left with the 
> old header.info and header files.
> If a person then yum's against that repository, they get the info that those 
> rpm's are still there, but of course when yum tries to download the rpm's it 
> fails.
> The solution:
> when yum-arch get's run, and it finds that there isn't any rpm's where it is 
> told, have it check to see if there is a header directory with headers in it. 
>   If there is, then clean it up, preferably leaving an empty header.info file 
> there.

 yes, this is trivial. 

I'll mark it down for something in yum-arch


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