[Yum] determining if a package needs to be updated

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Feb 26 14:40:35 UTC 2003

> why not a switch in yum.conf that let you decide if arch match is more
> or less important than being up to date?
> sth like:
> priority=same_arch
> --> if I have kernel.386 installed, then it will be updated if and only
> if there is a newer kernel.386, even if it runs on quad-Xeon
> priority=newer
> --> if I have kernel.386 installed, but I am i686, then install the
> newest x86 kernel, hopefully a 686 one

Then what about this odd case: Pkg changes from noarch to i386 and is

You'll never get the update.

Example of this happening: quite a number of python apps have done this
as they've added a compiled component.


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