[Yum] Updating - another daily

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Feb 26 05:21:09 UTC 2003

 If y'all could find it your hearts to test out the daily available at:

I rewrote the getupdatehdrlist b/c the code I wrote earlier today was so
horrible as to make my eyes bleed. So I rewrote it, copiously documented
it and I think it makes A LOT more sense, it sure is prettier, at the
very least.

This daily is for rpm 4.0.4 based systems so rhl 7.X and 8.0.

it handles multiple versions and multiple archs nicely and outputs
debugging a lot more nicely.

So please, if you can test it. I've tested it in the cases that Tom
described yesterday and It does the right thing, now, I think :)



ps: I also ported this code into the rpm 4.2 branch of yum.

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