[Yum] Re: Yum error question

Tom Diehl tdiehl at rogueind.com
Tue Feb 25 05:10:00 UTC 2003

On 24 Feb 2003, seth vidal wrote:

> So this has me positively baffled.
> In one section you get:
> Updating: kernel
> which would sound like it found a new kernel.
> Updating: kernel, athlon
> Found best kernel arch: athlon
> Is this an athlon?


> Here is where it gets weird.
> When we get down to the part where it lists the stuff it's going to do:
> [Update: pkgname]
> kernel is never listed.
> and it should be
> it should be listed as [Install: kernel]

I see "Installing: kernel, athlon" in the new file at line 5163. Is that
what you were looking for??

> kernel-headers is - but not kernel.
> and it REALLY should be.
> Could you try two things for me - run this output once more - but at -d 10

Ok, it is the same place as before: http://www.stnhbr.com/yum.output

Wow, is that ever chatty!! Wish I understood it all.

> and
> update to yum 0.9.4 and see if you can recreate the problem.
[root at octopus root]# rpm -q yum
[root at octopus root]#

Let me know what else you need. I am going to hold off updating this machine
pending your analysis. I am afraid if I ignore the kernel and update it,
it might "fix the problem" and we will not be able to tell what really 

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