[Yum] RFE yum web site request - proposed addition

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Fri Feb 21 16:20:08 UTC 2003

I am trying to document to myself, the variants of yum and 
related components for the servers I maintain.  I end up with 
an outline form like this.  I have left blank my 'answers', to 
avoid polluting the mailing list with inaccuracy.

I would find it useful to have this authoritatively summarized
and maintained at the yum site (possibly on an automated
basis, as to the -t information). Most of the other 
information changes slowly enough that it need not be 

-- Any hope?

- Russ herrold

---------------- content starts ------------------------------

There are at least three 'current' variant versions of yum in 
use presently.  Owing to changes in the RPM and python API 
over time, they break down thus:

RPM version	RHL version	yum-stable	yum-testing
-------------	------------	--------------	-------------
rpm-4.0.x	7.3 and earlier	xxx-s		xxx-t

rpm-4.1.x	8.0		yyy-s		yyy-t

rpm-4.2.x	Raw Hide and 	zzz-s		zzz-t

[Note: There is presently a -phoebe testing version, which 
will be retired when a yum version addressing the next 
(presently in beta) Red Hat release is stable]



xxx-X uses the rpm-4.0.4 variants of rpm and python:
	[insert editted to minimiums version of:
	rpm -qa | grep rpm ; rpm -qa | grep pyth ;
	rpm -qa | grep yum ; for X in {st}]

yyy-X uses the rpm-4.1.x variants of rpm, librpm404, and 
	[ --ditto- ]

zzz-X uses the rpm-4.2.x variants of rpm, librpm404, and
	[ -ditto- ]


The librpm404 component is not included in a standard Red Hat
after RHL 8.0.  It was in part, a transition tool to permit
using Python bindings of the rpm-4.0.x series in an rpm-4.1.x
and later environment. This necessitated a re-design of yum to
accomodate its absence.

------------------------ content ends -----------------

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