[Yum] Arch lists

Eddie Bindt eddieb at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 20 08:33:13 UTC 2003

> Some interesting results, but they don't appear to be incorrect.
> Looking for some assistance on verification b/c I don't know all of the
> archs.
> The output I got was:

I'm going to highlight the ones I have questions about:

> Base - i386 : noarch i486 osfmach3_i386 osfmach3_i486 i586 osfmach3_i586
> i686 osfmach3_i486 osfmach3_i686 osfmach3_i586

> So that seems odd - I see from the list that osfmach3_* is indeed compat
> with i386 - still seems odd

> Base - s390 : noarch
> Base - s390x : s390 noarch

as far as I can see, that is correct ...

Is this consistent? It appears to be from the lists, but...

> Base - ia64 : i686 noarch osfmach3_i686 athlon
> This is just odd - why does athlon and osfmach3_i686 get onto this list?

> Base - x86_64 : noarch

> otherwise this performs as expected - having said that - for the
> purposes of what yum has to do it'd almost be easier to maintain the
> lists in archwork.py as I have it on some authority that rpmrc might not
> be there in future releases of rpm.

> Questions, comments? suggestions?

what happend to the Base - ppc ???

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