[Yum] yum and multi architectures ???

Eddie Bindt eddieb at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 18 19:43:06 UTC 2003

On 18 Feb 2003, seth vidal wrote:

Seth, thanks for your fast reply :)

> > Can "yum update" take the right architecture from a shared repository ?
> I can give you a decided "it should". I've not tried it.
> It does architecture comparisons and throws out the ones that don't
> match on the client.
> yum-arch just indexes and keys off of name.arch + epoch, ver, release
> so it shouldn't have a problem but it's never been tested to do it.
> give it a shot if you've got an non-x86 architecture to test on.
> the rpm header doesn't care where it came from.


i will try tomorrow and let you know, I am still working on my full s390 
mirror. If that is ready I can rebuild my repos and give it a try.

I'll let you know,



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