[Yum] Yum and Vsftpd

Keith Winston kwinston at twmi.rr.com
Fri Feb 14 17:02:11 UTC 2003

I have finished my basic testing of yum with vsftpd on Red Hat 8.0. 
Everything seems to be working fine.  Simple commands like "yum list" 
definately run faster with vsftpd compared to apache 2.0 on the same 
machine.  I can't tell a difference just running a few small updates.

My next questions is, should I run yum-arch against my updates directory 
every day to refresh the headers?

Common sense says yes, but I want to confirm.  At the moment, I wget a 
portion of the updates.redhat.com and if something changes, it seems I 
would need to run yum-arch again to update the headers.

Finally, I compiled the yum-0.9.4-1_8x.src.rpm into a binary RPM on Red 
Hat 8.0 before installing it.  Is there a reason the binary is not 
available on the yum ftp site?

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