[Yum] Interesting yum feature with chroot

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Feb 13 04:20:01 UTC 2003

> Well yesterday I was building KDE 3.1 on my FL 7.1.1 paritition, needed the 
> python-devel rpm, and just did a yum install python-devel in the chrooted 
> window, purely by instinct.  About 10 minutes later it hit me what I had just 
> done, and double checked to make sure I really did that.  Sure enough, my 
> yum.conf was setup correctly on that chroot partition, and it pulled in the 
> right rpm's and everything.


Jack Neely (on the list) mentioned he thought it would be cool if yum
could INSTALL buildroots. He sent me some code for rpm 4.0.4 that would
do so. I was looking at putting it down as a wishlist/cool feature.

Once comps support works the rpm 4.2 branch I'd think it'd be cool to be
able to do: yum buildroot /path/to/buildroot group-install "My Test

and have it install them in there.

but that's serious pie in the sky at the moment.

ah to dream the impossible dream....



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