yum-arch [Re: [Yum] Re: Yum support?]

Troy Dawson dawson at fnal.gov
Wed Feb 5 14:59:37 UTC 2003

seth vidal wrote:
>>Ah, good!  Sorry again, I thought I asked about the quiet option in a
>>previous post to yum-list, but memory didn't serve me well on this one. 
>>I'll try to behave :)  Will also try without 'rm -rf'ing and let you
>>know if it doesn't work it should.
> Nothing to worry about being good. I just didn't realize it was a
> problem. I put the -q to yum-arch on my list.
> -sv

Hi Seth,
Bringing up yum-arch, we had a reqest here.  And this isn't a critical thing, 
just a minor anoyance, that if it's easy to fix, we'd appreciate it.

When you do a yum-arch it goes throw everything, and the output it all on one 
line.  So unless you are extremely fast at reading, all you see is the last 
rpm that it builds the header for.  Would there be any way to put each header 
being built on it's own line, or make that an option (like -v for verbose)

Like I said, this isn't critical, but it would be nice.

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