[Yum] error report -- latest tarball yum-20030203.tar.gz

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Mon Feb 3 19:40:41 UTC 2003

On 3 Feb 2003, seth vidal wrote:

> So I think I know why you're having problems - you're attempting to run
> this on rhl 8.0 - specifically on rpm 4.1. I'm not sure how to handle
> this w/o making the code ugly with if statements.
> But, I need a good way of getting people from psyche to phoebe+ cleanly.
> hmm.
> *grumble*
> I'm going to need to install an 8.0 system to test this stuff.

Seth -- I can set you up with sudo root rights on this box, 
through a VPN, if you wish.  Lemme know.

-- Russ

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