[Yum] phoebe workable

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Feb 3 06:37:41 UTC 2003

 New daily - Stuff has been merged from the rpm 4.0.4 branch to the rpm
4.2 branch.

rpm 4.2/phoebe-2 daily is up - yum provides now works again, the ts
creation is made at the beginning, once, as it should be for the new
transaction sets.

Still a lot to go but this one works for:

yum list
yum info
yum provides
yum install
yum update
yum upgrade
yum erase
yum clean

Things not working for the moment (soon to be fixed):
bootloader updating
updating the spec file with requirements.

Is anyone out there on phoebe and can test these some more?
I'm going to upgrade my desktop to phoebe tomorrow and test these some
more then.


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