[Yum] proposed updates to yum docs/man page?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Dec 29 04:18:33 UTC 2003

> anyway, i wasn't so much arguing that adding globs was *inherently* a good
> idea as that it would be consistent with several of the other yum
> commands, like "list", "install" and "update".  it just seems easier to
> support the same behaviour across all of the variations, rather than
> remember that some subcommands accept globs and others don't.
> i'm pretty sure that consistency is a pretty desirable design criterion,
> no?

To be honest the 'installed, updates, and available' were more to deal
with the lack of horizontal space on most lists. I'd love to just have
an alphabetized list of everything and let the user grep out what they

my biggest fear is confusing the heck out of a user when someone,
somewhere makes a package named 'installed'

Some user:

yum list installed
[long list here]

yum info installed
[even longer list here]

it'll happen. Heck, the fact that I've said this aloud means it's
happening as I speak.


I was trying to keep from having to prefix every command with a -- to
separate them from the arguments.


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