[Yum] Resolution?

nathan r. hruby nhruby at uga.edu
Sun Dec 28 20:41:56 UTC 2003

On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Dirk Ouellette wrote:

> How do I resolve the following? I'm running Fedora Yarrow.
> DOWNLOADS]# yum update
> Gathering header information file(s) from server(s)
> Server: Fedora Core 1 - i386 - nyquist/depends
> Server: Fedora Core 1 - i386 - nyquist/extras
> Server: Fedora Project update RPMS for RHL 9
> Server: Fedora Core 1 - i386 - nyquist/gnome

You don't have a Fedora Core Base repo entry (eg: the meat of it).  Most 
likely those packages are contained there, and yum can't find them 
because you haven't told yum  where to look.

If you look at your updates line in /etc/yum.conf at the same place in a 
different directory there should be the Base distro. Most likely the path 
will be something like this:

Fedora's mirror list can be found here:

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