[Yum] proposed updates to yum docs/man page?

nathan r. hruby nhruby at uga.edu
Sun Dec 28 20:32:02 UTC 2003

On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> and there's absolutely nothing about what i suggested that would violate
> this idea, as far as i can tell.  i'm just going for consistency, that's 
> all.  this is also related to the observation, as i mentioned earlier,
> that 
> $ yum list
> accepts package names or globs, while neither of
> $ yum list updates
> $ yum list available
> accept either.  again, this is non-intuitive, and challenges the user to 
> remember when package names or globs are acceptable and when they aren't.

FWIW, I consider "updates", "installed", and "available" to be
pre-packaged textual globs to the list function based on the status of the
package/repo state - helpful because that info isn't askable via a

If anything, I'd rather see the above keywords removed and yum's list 
output indicate the state of the package so I can grep it instead of 
kludging the existing commands :)

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