[Yum] Patches to backport yum2

Rick Thomas rbthomas55 at pobox.com
Tue Dec 23 17:48:12 UTC 2003

Wow!  I'm impressed.

I can think of two sets of folks who will be very interested in this.

1) The Yellow Dog Linux folks.  They are still distributing yum v1
with their current YDL 3.0.1 release.  I'm not sure why they chose
to do this, but I'd guess that this would make a perfect replacement.

2) The Fedora Legacy folks who have been talking about requiring
everybody to update their RPM version so that they can use yum for
installing patches.  This may make the rpm upgrade unnecessary,
since it works with the older versions of rpm.

Happy Solstice!


javier at rediris.es wrote:
> Hello,
> I have patched yum 2.0.x to work with older RedHat versions, specifically
> with rpm 4.0.4 and python 1.5.2. I've been working with the patched version
> for a couple of weeks, and no problems have arised, except that groups
> capabilities do not work (yet).
> Besides some modifications due to python backport, which loses unicode support
> and some += shortcuts (at yum2-python1_backport.patch), most of the work on
> yum has been devoted to Rpm_Ts_Work class, which is modified to behave close to
> the TransactionSet class of rpm 4.2 which is the core of Rpm_Ts_Work itself.
> I have tested the patches against the new daily release (yum-20031222.tar.gz),
> making a minor change, and I send them attached (I've been using 2.0.4
> release).
> The order in which they are applied is
> yum2-python1_backport.patch
> yum2-repo_backport.patch
> yum2-client_backport.patch
> although the first one is quite independent.
> At least on my case, it servers as perfect replacement of yum v1, and it might
> help to 'close' the old branch, which is probably not widely used. Any reports
> or opinions are wellcome.
>                                                         Javier Palacios
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                      Name: yum2-python1_backport.patch
>    yum2-python1_backport.patch       Type: application/x-patch
>                               Description: yum2-python1_backport.patch
>                                   Name: yum2-repo_backport.patch
>    yum2-repo_backport.patch       Type: application/x-patch
>                            Description: yum2-repo_backport.patch
>                                     Name: yum2-client_backport.patch
>    yum2-client_backport.patch       Type: application/x-patch
>                              Description: yum2-client_backport.patch
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------
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