[Yum] once you have yum, what else matters?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 18 13:54:00 UTC 2003

  no, i'm not being facetious.  in all seriousness, i'm writing a section for
an admin manual on advanced package management (that is, beyond
just rpm to install/upgrade/remove), and was wondering what was really
necessary beyond advanced rpm operations and yum.

  there's always the apt/synaptic stuff but, realistically, i don't want to try
to cover every possible way to do this.  and since it's aimed at admins,
a graphical front-end is not critical.

  so, once someone has a handle on rpm and yum, is there really any
compelling need to know about even more package management
systems, short of just curiosity?


p.s.  i'm restricting this discussion to RPM-based systems, of course.
debian packaging is a totally different issue.  i *might* make passing 
reference to ipkg, but only briefly, in reference to embedded systems.

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