[Yum] RPM Header Info..

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Dec 17 19:54:29 UTC 2003

> After trying to import mach-0-0.4.3-1.fr.i386.hdr, then doing
> zcat mach-0-0.4.3-1.fr.i386.hdr > mach.py, and also mach.pyc, I failed to


What made you think that zcatting a .hdr would produce python files??

> Now I tried to learn enough python by reading the source, but still haven't
> figured out how.  Sorry to be so slow.
> Please give me a clue as to how to do this.  I just want to write a very simple
> utility to show the contents of headers, so I can do
> showheader mach-0-0.4.3-1.fr.i386.hdr
> instead of
> sudo yum install mach

why not just do:
yum info mach

that outputs like:
Name   : yum
Arch   : noarch
Version: 2.0.4
Release: 1.duke.1
Size   : 351.79 kB
Group  : System Environment/Base
Repo   : Locally Installed
Summary: RPM installer/updater
 Yum is a utility that can check for and automatically download and
install updated RPM packages. Dependencies are obtained and downloaded
automatically prompting the user as necessary.


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