[Yum] Status of yum/metadata

David Farning dfarning at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 17 11:53:32 UTC 2003


I was wonder how the new metadata effort was coming.  I had put aside my
efforts towards a yum gui until the metadata stuff came out.  But, iirc
remember correctly yum gave a tentative data of end of Nov ;)

Now that Christmas break is upon us I'm going to work full time on the
gui.  So, a few points

1. Any effort towards a yumErrors class?
I have done a very quick effort of replacing errorlog calls with try
blocks/except blocks.  But these make yummain look horrible, the call to
.takeaction has around 20 exception to catch ;)

2. How about a a mechanism to pass back data to the gui?
This is pretty kludgey but--  I added a gui-object to logger. Whenever
logger is called, in addition to writing to the file-object, it calls
gui-object which just puts the raw string on a status label.

3.  Have you done any testing on the time taken to generate the
I am looking at only including the ability to use one type of repo
(currently yum).  

If the repo is not yum/metatdata, I have channelSelection run yumarch
and cache the hdrs.  Thus, I don't have to worry about what type of repo
I'm looking at.  ALl of the is it  a cdrom/file/dirtree/yum crud.  Just
point and go.  

You were right comps it a pretty good system!  I was getting confused
because so much misc stuff was getting swept into comps.py in
rcp/up2date.  I've done a rewrite of [s|r]cp.comps and pulled out all of
the package [sorting|selecting|bestarch|test|install|...] stuff and
replaced them with calls to yum.

Dave Farning

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