[Yum] Install .src.rpm packages with yum

Josep M. websurfer_email at yahoo.es
Sat Dec 13 10:28:42 UTC 2003


The most big problem that I see if you want build a distro is that many .src.rpm have not stored all info with "rpm -qR",visit
http://bugzilla.redhat.com and You will found many samples,so You must have an additional info(added before 
by hand) in Your build script.


Begin of Quote Ian Burrell :
>seth vidal wrote:
>>the problem is this:
>>I can download a single srpm, sure.
>>but I can't reasonably and positively get all of its dependencies b/c
>>we're not able to do specfile parsing. at least not simply.
>>so, yah, it's not too hard. if you'd like to do it, you could, and
>>probably should, do it outside of the main yum script.
>>look at yum-arch -s
>>the outputs of that and then look at how to parse the requires and
>>provides for an srpm
>I am pretty sure that the build dependencies are included in the header of the .src.rpm.  "rpm -qR" works on .src.rpm files.  This implies that the dependencies are stored in the same tags as with binary rpms.
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