[Yum] yum doesn't list all installed kernels

Ian Burrell ian at znark.com
Sat Dec 13 06:31:15 UTC 2003

Jeff Kowing wrote:
> Trond Eivind Glomsr?d writes:
>  > ... and this is what is installed on your local system. You're comparing
>  > two different things.
> Why do you say that?  Notice that the yum list command also prints the
> packages in the "db" repo which, as I understand it, refers to the
> packages in the host's rpm database - that is, the locally _installed_
> packages.

My impression is that yum only tracks a single available and installed 
version for each package.  If you have only multiple kernels versions 
installed, then "yum list kernel" will only show the highest installed 
version.  If multiple repositories have kernel packages, then "yum list 
kernel" will show the highest installed version in updates if it is 
newer than the (highest) installed version.

I think it would be nice if yum kept track of all versions.  Or at least 
all installed versions, and the highest version for each repository. 
One of the advantages of apt is that is knows about all versions.  This 
is nice to show what is available and from where.

  - Ian

ian at znark.com

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