[Yum] Reinstalling Fedora and yum re-downloads updates

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Dec 12 06:58:46 UTC 2003

> I don't know whether this is a bug in yum, fedora, or
> it's just me not doing something properly.
> The case is I had fedora installed with a buch of
> updates installed (and all the information about
> headers and rpm's stored in /var/cache/yum.
> As I had a problem in my fedora configuration I
> decideed to reinstall , keeping a copy of
> /var/cache/yum in another linux partition. I
> reinstalled, and copied all the folder with its
> contests to /var/cache/yum.
> After a 'yum update', yum downladed again all the
> headers, and the rpms that were already in that
> folder.
> Any ideas of what I did wrong?

Did it actually redownload them or did it recheck them? The downloading
and checking procedure LOOK identical from the outside, except if the
file passes the consistency check it never actually downloads again.

Did it happen much faster the second time?


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